Make a Conference Room Reservation

To reserve the Provost’s Conference Room – please use the Microsoft Office Outlook ONLINE Scheduling as follows:

1. OPEN Microsoft Office Outlook

2. Go to your calendar > CLICK on Home tab > CLICK on New Meeting icon 

3. Proceed to checking the availability of the conference room by following the directions below:

  • In the “To…” box, type in: OR
  • CLICK on the “To...” button to go to the  Global Address List Address Book, type in: HSC Provost’s Conference Room
  • CLICK on the “OK” button

4. CLICK on the “Scheduling Assistant” button on the toolbar. Choose the meeting date, start and end time  (depending on the room's availability) .

5. Once the selection of a date/time has been made, CLICK on the “Appointment” button on the toolbar In the “Subject:” box, type in the name/general title of your meeting. In the “Location:” box, type in: HSC Provost’s Conference Room (LIB 223), then CLICK on the “Send” button, for online scheduling reservation (ONLY if the room is available).

If you have any questions/comments, please contact the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost at or (405) 271-2332. Thank you!