Conflicts of Interest Office

A conflict of interest (COI) arises in situations which an employee's (or employee's family member) financial or other personal interest, activity, or relationship may directly or indirectly affect, or have the appearance of affecting an employee's judgment in carrying out his/her University responsibilities. Transparency in disclosing potential and actual conflicts of interest is critical to maintaining integrity in academic, research, and business activities.  

The OUHSC Conflicts of Interest Office is responsible for the overall management and administration of the OU Board of Regents Individual Conflicts of Interest Policy to ensure that relationships with outside entities do not result in improper use of University and state resources; impact the design, conduct, or reporting of research; detract from teaching, research, or administrative responsibilities; or influence the training of students or trainees.  

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Conflicts of Interest:

Compliance Concerns: Confidential Compliance Hotline: 866.836.3150 (toll free)

Issues of bias should be reported to: 1-844-428-6531