Faculty Awards and Honors

Calls for Nominations

August 25, 2023


TO:                          HSC Deans, Directors, Chairs, and Faculty

FROM:                    Gary E. Raskob, PhD
                                Senior Vice President and Provost

SUBJECT:               Nominations for Faculty Awards and Honors

Below are Calls for Nominations for the following faculty awards and honors:

  1. Presidential Professorship (PDF)
  2. George Lynn Cross Research Professorship (PDF)
  3. David L. Boren Professorship (PDF)
  4. David Ross Boyd Professorship (PDF)
  5. Regents' Professorship (PDF)
  6. Regents’ Award for Superior Teaching (PDF)
  7. Regents’ Award for Superior Research and Creative/Scholarly Activity (PDF)
  8. Regents’ Award for Superior Professional and University Service and Public Outreach (PDF)
  9. University Distinguished Teaching Award (PDF)
  10. Provost’s Research Award (PDF)  
  11. Provost’s Teaching Award (PDF)   

It is a priority of the OUHSC and University to recognize and celebrate our talented faculty members. Please invest the time to identify and nominate meritorious faculty for the above awards and honors. Faculty who are dually employed with OU Health Partners and who meet the award criteria are also eligible for these awards and honors.

To ensure a complete and consistent process, specific guidelines for each award nomination are included. Guidelines for Nomination Materials Submitted for University Awards are also included to ensure consistent formatting. These guidelines will not only strengthen each candidate's documentation but will also expedite the review process. See Sections 3.11 & 3.12 for the HSC Faculty Handbook for the entire policy on awards. 

PLEASE NOTE: To evaluate and facilitate a comprehensive overall number of nominations, I request that nominating units contact the Provost’s Office by October 1st to express intention to nominate a faculty member. Please see the Summary Timetable for additional information.

We very much appreciate your time and effort to promote awards and honors for our deserving faculty, which also elevates our academic health center and enables us to retain and recruit talented faculty to advance our missions. 

Please contact the respective college dean's office personnel for individual questions regarding Faculty Awards and Honors.