Academic Personnel Appointment Forms

Notice of Vacant Position


This form is used to open a new faculty position and to begin the recruitment process. Please contact the Equal Opportunity Office for additional information regarding recruitment procedures to ensure compliance with University and Federal guidelines.

Notice of Vacant Position (PDF)

Affirmative Action Summary


This form is submitted when the candidate has been selected at the conclusion of the new faculty recruitment process. Please contact the Equal Opportunity Office to determine if procedures for a national search were satisfactorily followed before completing.

Affirmative Action Summary (PDF)

5050A (Voluntary Appointments - Optional)

This form can be used by departments/ colleges for academic volunteer actions only. This form should not be used however in place of ePAF for paid academic actions.

5050A Voluntary Appointments (PDF)

Faculty Position Number - Request Form (spreadsheet)


For use to request faculty position numbers only.

Faculty Position Number - Request Form (spreadsheet)

Human Resources Forms

Employment Eligibility Verification I-9

This is a federally mandated employment eligibility verification document. This completed form and the original documents providing your employment eligibility must be included with the ePAF attachments on or before your the working day.

Electronic I-9 Reference Guide (URL)

Loyalty Oath

This document is required by the State of Oklahoma. This document must be notarized and returned before the employee can be issued a paycheck. This form must be included with the ePAF attachments.

Loyalty Oath (URL)

Personal Data Form

All new HSC employees must complete this form. Only employees who hold a teaching or research appointment with the University of Oklahoma will need to complete page two (Education) of the form. This form must be included with the ePAF attachments.

Personal Data Form (URL)

Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability (Optional)

This form is to help measure how well the University is doing to reach out to, hire, and provide equal opportunity to qualified people with disabilities. Completing this form in voluntary.

Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability (URL)

Hiring Freeze Exemption


OUHSC Food and Beverage Exemption Request


The following attachments should be reviewed prior to submitting an executive approval request due to any HSC Food and Beverage expenses that are not in compliance with our policy, which is provided at the following link and as a .pdf below. (Section 541 of the Administrative Policies on Food and Beverage)

Please note: Wine purchases should not exceed $125 per bottle. No gratuity over 20% will be honored/ approved.

Memorandum (PDF)

OUHSC Food and Beverage Exemption Request Form (PDF) (must accompany all requests)

Policy (PDF)

Technology, Education, and Copyright Harmonization (TEACH) Act and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

Faculty Job Postings and Searches


Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost


TO:                  Academic Deans, Directors, and Department Chairs

FROM:             Gary Raskob, Interim Senior Vice President and Provost, Health Sciences Center

                        Andre-Denis Wright, Senior Vice President and Provost, Norman Campus

                        Dorothy Anderson, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer    

CC:                  Christine Taylor, Institutional Equity Officer & Title IX Coordinator

DATE:             March 25, 2022

SUBJECT:        Faculty Job Postings


            The hiring and retention of outstanding faculty members is foundational to the University’s mission of teaching, research, and service. It is important that the faculty hiring process is fair, consistent across campuses and disciplines, equitable, and efficient. Candidates should expect to be evaluated on their scholarly contributions, such as research or creative activity in their respective fields or disciplines, professional experience in teaching and/or mentorship, and related service contributions, each as more fully described in the faculty policies for the campuses. Among qualified candidates, academic units may also consider unique experiences, skills, or qualifications, as part of fostering a robust and respectful educational environment with a range and diversity of perspectives. Of course, all candidates are entitled to expect that their application experiences will be free from discrimination and harassment.

            In furtherance of meeting these important goals, effective March 28, 2022, we request your assistance in implementing a unified process for faculty job postings. No change in process is required for any position approved by Office of Institutional Equity for posting. However, it is highly recommended that the Search Committee participate in the trainings referenced below.

            Postings for all faculty positions will continue to be reviewed and approved by The Office of Institutional Equity. Additionally, the Sr. Vice Presidents’ Offices, in collaboration with Human Resources is developing a posting template to ensure consistent formatting throughout the university. You will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the template before implementation for the 2023 Academic Year. All committee members responsible for reviewing applications and interviewing candidates must participate in hiring process and unconscious bias training. Additional training will continue to be offered by the Division of Equity and Inclusion and the Office for Institutional Equity.

            Candidates for faculty positions may generally be asked to provide only the following application materials:

  • C.V. or Resume
  • Documentation of Training, Licensure, Registration, or Similar
  • Scholarly Articles/Portfolio/Writing Sample
  • Letters of Reference
  • Information Regarding Supported Research, if Applicable
  • Cover Letter

Requests for application materials beyond these must be approved by the Office for Institutional Equity. 

Additional narrative statements, such as professional philosophy, leadership philosophy, diversity statements, statements of principle, or other statements on personal convictions or experiences may not be solicited, though candidates may offer relevant narratives of their own choosing in a cover letter. Additionally, for candidates who are selected to interview, appropriate questions regarding relevant personal experiences or professional examples may be raised during the interview process.