COI Committee

The COI Committee (COIC) will administer the Board of Regents Individual COI Policy to preserve the integrity of the University and maintain compliance with applicable federal regulations, while respecting academic freedom and acknowledging the desire of some to participate in outside scholarly and entrepreneurial activities. The COIC will review individual COI disclosures as assigned by the COI Officer (COIO). 

Members are appointed by the Faculty and Staff Senate and approved by the Senior Vice President and Provost and President. Additional members with specialized competencies and expertise may be selected by the Provost or Committee to assist with reviews of potential conflicts when appropriate.

Conflicts of Interest Committee Guidelines

Conflicts of Interest Review Process


COIC Voting Members

  Martha Ogilvie, PhD                                 Associate Vice President for Research                                 COIC Chair

  Anna Nguyen, PhD                                   Assistant Professor, College of Nursing                                Member

  Fernando Esteban-Florez, DDS              Assistant Professor, College of Dentistry                              Member 

  Dee Terrell-Schnorrenberg, PhD           Associate Professor, College of Public Health                      Member

  Katerina Ntourou, PhD                           Assistant Professor, College of Allied Health                        Member 

  Joey McCall, MBA                                     Business Administrator, Pathology                                         Member

  Elizabeth Charles                                     Manager, Microbiology & Immunology                                  Member 

  Jennifer McCartney-Brady                      Assistant to the Dean, College of Nursing                             Member

  Jill Bush Raines, JD                                   Vice Provost, Health Sciences Administration                       Member

Specialized Competency and Expertise Voting Members

  Office of Compliance                               Sandra Nettleton, Director of Compliance and HIPAA Privacy Official

  Human Resources                                    Camille McGinnis, HR Business Partner

  Purchasing                                                 Kira Reyes, Assistant Director

Ex-Officio (Non-Voting) Members

  Samantha Harbert, CIP                             Conflict of Interest Officer (required)

  Rachel McCombs, JD                                 Office of Legal Counsel (required)

  Gina McMillen, PhD                                   Office of Technology Commercialization (optional, disclosure based)

  Donna Hogan, CIP                                      Institutional Review Board (optional, disclosure based)